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Top 100 Pakistan's YouTube Channels List

 YouTube has become an important platform for content creators in Pakistan, with a growing number of channels catering to diverse interests.... thumbnail 1 summary

 YouTube has become an important platform for content creators in Pakistan, with a growing number of channels catering to diverse interests. The platform has given Pakistani creators a global audience and the ability to showcase their talents to the world. In this article, we will be discussing the impact of YouTube on Pakistan and its content creators.

YouTube has enabled Pakistani content creators to reach a wider audience than ever before. With over 60 million internet users in Pakistan, the platform provides an opportunity for creators to share their work with a vast audience. This has led to the emergence of a diverse range of content on YouTube, including music, comedy, vlogs, and educational content.

Pakistani YouTubers have been able to build a loyal following both locally and internationally. Some of the most popular Pakistani YouTube channels have millions of subscribers, with creators like Irfan Junejo, Sham Idrees, and Mooroo becoming household names. These channels have not only gained popularity in Pakistan but have also attracted a global audience.

One of the reasons behind the success of Pakistani YouTube channels is the platform's ability to provide a space for creators to express themselves freely. This has enabled Pakistani creators to showcase their talents and highlight important social issues, such as mental health, gender equality, and poverty. This has led to an increased awareness and discussion of these issues within the country.

In conclusion, YouTube has had a significant impact on Pakistan and its content creators. The platform has provided a space for creators to showcase their talents and reach a global audience. This has enabled Pakistani creators to gain popularity and highlight important social issues within the country. With the continued growth of YouTube in Pakistan, we can expect to see more diverse content and talented creators emerge on the platform.

Here is a List of Top 100 Pakistan's YouTube Channels (According to 5th April 2023)

1  ARY Digital HD    40.9M  Subscribers

2   HAR PAL GEO   39.5M  Subscribers

3  HUM TV  26M  Subscribers

4  Coke Studio   14.1M  Subscribers

5   Salman Noman  13.3M  Subscribers

6   Geo News   13.2M  Subscribers

7   ARY News  11.9M  Subscribers

8   Heera Gold  11M  Subscribers

9   AJ Official  9.94M  Subscribers

10   SAMAA TV   8.75M  Subscribers

11  Islamic Teacher Official   8.62M  Subscribers

12  7.92M Subscribers

13  BROTHERS VLOG    7.73M  Subscribers

14  Chota Ali vlogs   7.62M Subscribers

15  Tariq Jamil  7.17M  Subscribers

16  Mehrban Ali   6.24M Subscribers

17  BOL News   6.22M  Subscribers

18  Dunya News   6.18M  Subscribers

19  Dramas Central   6.12M  Subscribers

20  abdul_mj  6.09M  Subscribers

21  Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan   5.94M  Subscribers

22   Kch Multimedia Naat    5.84M

23  Random Hands   5.83M  Subscribers

24  Talk Shows Central  5.74M Subscribers

25  ISPR Official  5.45M  Subscribers

26  BOL Network   5.34M  Subscribers

27  Studio5  5.29M  Subscribers

28  A Plus Entertainment   5.2M  

29  Peep Peep   4.89M  

30  m_ahmed_b    4.72M 

31  Ducky Bhai   4.69M  Subscribers

32  92 News HD   4.64M Subscribers

33  Pakistan Super League  4.63M Subscribers

34   Top Pakistani Dramas   4.58M  Subscribers

35  Hafiz Tahir Qadri   4.58M  Subscribers

36  Pakistan Cricket   4.5M  Subscribers

37   Haqeeqat TV    4.39M  Subscribers

38   Kitchen with Amna   4.37M  Subscribers

39 Food Fusion  4.27M  Subscribers

40  Islam Advisor    4.14M Subscribers

41  The Urdu Teacher  4.13M Subscribers

42  BaoRami Edits   4M Subscribers

43  Best Pakistani Dramas  3.94M Subscribers

44   BaBa Food RRC  3.93M  Subscribers

45   Imran Riaz Khan  3.92M Subscribers

46  Village Food Secrets  3.89M  Subscribers

47  malik abubaker 3.86M  Subscribers

48   Memoona Muslima  3.82M  Subscribers

49  Zem TV  3.8M Subscribers

50  Dilkash Beauty  3.65M Subscribers

51  Rohail Voice  3.64M Subscribers

52  Voice Daily  3.59M  Subscribers

53  Qasim Ali Shah  3.56M Subscribers

54  Unisys Music  3.52M Subscribers

55  S Plus  3.39M Subscribers

56  Shaheen Studio  3.36M  Subscribers

57 Daily Pakistan Global  3.34M Subscribers

58 -Express News 3.28M Subscribers

59  Sahir Ali Bagga  3.27M Subscribers

60  Allah Ki Qudrat   3.24M Subscribers

61 -Maaz Safder World   3.14M Subscribers

62 -Madani Channel   3.1M Subscribers

63  Malumat Tube Official  3.04M Subscribers

64   Urdu Mag   3.01M Subscribers

65   Naya Pakistan  3M  Subscribers

66   Rokhri Production Official   2.99M Subscribers

67 Bao Rami Status    2.97M  Subscribers

68  Dumb TV   2.96M Subscribers

69  IQ Dramas   2.94M Subscribers

70   Atif Aslam   2.92M Subscribers

71  HUM SAB   2.87M Subscribers

72 MessageTV  2.71M Subscribers

73  شہر میں دیہات Shehr Main   2.71M  Subscribers

74  Urdu Cover    2.68M  Subscribers

75  That Was Crazy   2.67M  Subscribers

76  Spread The Islam   2.65M Subscribers

77  Ask Muslim Teacher   2.56M Subscribers

78  Hasnain Technical   2.55M  Subscribers

79  SM Sadiq Studio  2.54M  Subscribers

80  Express TV   2.47M  Subscribers

81 Healthsubzwari  2.45M Subscribers

82  Reality Tv   2.44M Subscribers

83  Qari Muhammad Ilyas  2.44M  Subscribers

84  Urdu Lab  2.43M Subscribers

85  Daily URDU  2.42M Subscribers

86   Fairy Tales Urdu  2.39M Subscribers

87  Aisha Health With Beauty  2.39M Subscribers

88  GNN  2.39M  Subscribers

89  Sar e Aam  2.37M Subscribers

90  Merium Pervaiz  2.37M Subscribers

91 -Irfan Malik  2.35M Subscribers

92 -Islamic Solution  2.34M  Subscribers

93 -Geo Kahani  2.33M  Subscribers

94 -Asad Ali TV  2.3M Subscribers

95  Crazy Prank TV  2.3M  Subscribers

96  KHOJI TV   2.3M Subscribers

97   Kitchen With mehnaz Abid  2.29M Subscribers

98  Quran Aur Hadees  2.29M Subscribers

99  Asif Ali TV  2.28M Subscribers

100  ilmkidunya 2.25M  Subscribers

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