Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kashif Abbasi to Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh

Off the Record with kashif abbasi in this program Shoaib Ahmed sheikh came and told his point of view on axact company.
Kashif Abbasi to Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh “What do you Sell ?? What Does your Company do ??” Watch Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh’s Response



Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Family Drama Or Vulgar Drama

Watch What Kind of Scenes Being Shown in A Family Drama on Hum Tv.
Hum TV cross the limits of Pakistani Society.

پاکستانی ڈراموں میں ان مناظر کی کمی رہ گئی تھی جو ہم ٹی وی نے اس ڈرامے میں پوری کردی، ویڈیو دیکھئے۔


Sunday, May 10, 2015

What Kind of Treatment it is (video)

Its based on Ignorance, These activities not a prefect treatment of patient like these. She is in Front of baba and watch baba treatment. Its look like a Wrong number baba.
Watch the Baba Doing with young girl, She came from UAE.
Watch video.

Tapron Say ore Mukon say Jin Nikalnay ka ak Jahilana Tareka dakhen.
Jin Bhoot Nikalnay ka Jahilana tarika


جن بھوت نکالنے کا بےہودہ طریقہ دیکھیں۔ جہالت اپنے عروج پر

Ads Above Header Section in Blogger

How you can add google ads above your header section in blogger's blog.
Its a most easiest way to show ads above you header section by using blogger platform.
After this tutorial you will see that your ad will appear on top of your blog layout, for blogger users its very simple method.
After the end of tutorial you will see that your google ad will appear below your browser address bar or above your template header section. watch the image (picture) below.

Lets Start.

First of all you create Responsive ad unit from your google adsense account, which reflect horizontal parameters.
Advantage of using responsive ad unit:  it adjust its size Automatically according to your template size.
You can also used units of 468x60, 728x90.

Copy your your Responsive ad unit code, parse this code using this HTML Parse Tool to change special characters into their corresponding HTML entities. The ads won't appear if you use that code directly.

Ads Above Header Section in Blogger
Now go then Template then edit html.
First of all Backup your blogger template before making any changes.

Open your  edit html editor search for this code

When you find this code in blogger html
Paste your Parsed adsense code Just before this code OR Just above this code.
Save your template.
You don it.
For more Comments below.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Imran and Reham in Baaghi TV

PTI Chairman Imran khan and his wife Reham khan exclusive interview to baaghi tv. Talking with BaaghiTV Imran Khan said that his govt in KPK is doing massive progress in educational and other public sectors. He said that NA 125 is victory of Pakistan nation.


عمران خان اور ریحام خان کا اسپیشل انٹرویو

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