Saturday, November 1, 2014

Problems Due To Late Marriages

There are lot of problems and disadvantages of late Marriages. Especially in Pakistan there is dangerous trend developing for late marriages.
Experts says 35 years and old consider as a late marriage. Biggest problem after late marriage is consumption and late marriages couples face lot of difficulties in pregnancy. Fertility declined with the age of female.
There is a big misconception that man's fertility not declined, by the age of 35 to 40 man also decline his fertility.
Its a difficult to make pregnancy positive in late marriages, if it occurs then there are lot of complication in it for example: abnormality,  Miscarriages, structural, Low berth weight, Pre term deliveries  and more.
Islam is also discourage the Late marriages.
watch this video program in Urdu.
Late marriages of couple and its Disadvantages

دیر سے شادی کرنے کے نقصانات اس وڈیو میں دیکھیں۔ 

Sharmila Farooqi Uncensored Video Clip

After the End of talk Show Program On The Front with Kamran Shahid Dunya news TV, Sharmila Faroooqi thoughts that Camera is turn off and She unknowingly remove his mice from her shirt and stand in front of camera,, But Camera was still on, Her skin tight pant shown in Camera. Its a very very Shameful scene as a Muslim Politician.
Watch this Video.
After watching this video there are lot of questions are raised in my mind.
Is this Culture is Muslim Based?
How Sharmila Farooqi Criticized other women after wearing this kind of dress.
Sharmila Farooqi Should told is it a Pakistani Culture or Western Culture ?
Is it vulgarity?
I personally think that its called Vulgarity, If you think as a Pakistani.
Pakistani culture is not based on this type of vulgarity.
Vulgarity meanings are change country by country. This type of dress is not come in the circle of vulgarity in USA. But in Pakistan its come in Vulgarity.
Its a Shameful Dress to Wear.
Watch this Uncensored Off the Camera Video clip of Sharmila Farooqi.


Friday, October 31, 2014

What is a Google Chromecast Device & How its Work ( Tutorial Video )

Basically its a device of Steaming on TV. Your Android Mobile Video, Youtube Video, dailymotion Video you can watch on tv.
You can Interface your tv with your Android Mobile, IPad or laptop.
What is Google Chromecast device and how you can install it, Watch this Video.
Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player.
Easy HDMI Chromecast Video Streaming Device Tutorial How to Guide.

Watch this Chromecast Device Tutorial Video

You can Buy Google Chromecast Device from Amazon, Here is a link below.


India is Planning Another Mumbai Attacks Type Drama to Blame Pakistan - Dr. Shahid Masood.

India always willing to do some thing against Pakistan , few years ago they planed the Bombay attacks and now they are planning once again like that.

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