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People who are ignorant are exploited generally in the name of religion. As the religion is most sensitive topic and people are connected to it emotionally very much.

So the question arises how any one can exploit any one in  name of religion. The mechanism is simple when the true followers of some religion are gone and the people who have not earned that thing start to follow only  the dogma and not the intellectual side their beliefs are corrupted and some people take advantage of it.

In sub continent this things is on a very highest level. And in Pakistan where more than 97% people are Muslims and follow Islam are also involved and exploited this way.

This is very strange fact that Islam is the only religion which teaches one to use their brain and intellect and ponder on the signs of the Lord. He has made them as viceroy on earth and submitted every thing to them so how can any one use them.

The question to this answer is as simple if you do not know what your religion teaches how would you know what is right and what is wrong.

This is the easy way not to read but go for the short cuts and look for worldly blessing and acquiring them from the hands of those who are sort of filth and disguised Satan.

A peer here in the video is treating people with what kind of medical technique no one know by putting his heel is some hot water and rubbing it on the joints of the patients. This is the biggest mockery of the religion one can see.

Ignorance at it’s peak

جہالت اپنے عروج پر۔ 

The people of Pakistan especially who belong to the lower Punjab and interior Sindh provinces are so much ignorant and illiterate about religion that no sane person can believe in this modern world.

The dogmatic concepts of people of these area have evolved due to years of living with Hindu culture and their poor condition is also a factor in this matter.

The good bad omens concept and these kind of superstitions are a cause of their exploitation at the hands of these frauds.

Islam doesn’t allow and appreciate any thing that is connected to superstitions and in face in some traditional writings we learn that Prophet Muhammad SAW denounced one’s belief who believes of practices these sort of things.

These so called saints and monks types frauds who are disusing them selves as some one close to the Lord are actually the biggest criminals who are only doing such things to earn easy money and special treatments on the hands of these kind of people who believe in them.

agar Ap nay jahalat ko Arooj par dakhna hay to yeh Video Zaorar dakhan.

Altaf Hussain adds something new to his trophies of good things which he has said during his speeches. Latest in that list is when he threatened an anchor person of a TV show.

He said that that anchor person accused him of being drunk and what Altaf  Hussain talks does not makes sense. Altaf Hussain responded in a very vulgar way and he said things which are indescribably and can not be said.

Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority did not took any notice of it and they did not censored that part of the speech.

Altaf Hussain was so vulgar on this thing it seemed he was taking this thing personally and he was out of his senses.

He may not have been drunk before but during the speech where he made vulgar remarks he surely was. The shameful thing was the puppets who were made to sit and listen to the speech clapped on his words.

Altaf Hussain is a non sense person and he should be banned from speaking to public again. How he can make such disgusting remarks publicly.

It seems he has lost his mind after the things are getting very difficult for him and the rope around his neck is getting tighter day by day.

The decision to make Karachi a crime free city and operation should be implemented and rangers should be let to operate freely.

Nine zero raid has made life things difficult for the terrorists of MQM and they have no hideouts now in Pakistan. They will be chased and brought to justice sooner or later.


Mubashir Luqman Plays the Video of MQM's Target Killer Who Killed Geo Reporter Wali Khan Babar


Altaf Hussain is famous for his speeches via telephone from his residence at London where he has taken political asylum. The thing about his speech is that the coverage he gets from the media and number of people present to listen to him.

Literally what ever he speaks makes no sense and maximum words he utters are not understandable. Some time it seems he may be drunk or under influence of some drug.

And some times it seems that he has some mental disease and he is unable to speak properly. Altaf Hussain is famous for taking his words back and making excuses of his speeches next day.

Altaf Hussain has spoken many times against Pakistan Army and he has spoken against the democracy and invites the Army to take over.

Both statements are contradictory and are against the states institutes and constitutional bodies. But next day his excuse and taking back of statement is shown on the media.

Altaf Hussain was under lots of pressure since last year when he was arrested by the Scotland yard and his house was searched. Money laundering case was registered against him there and he was released later on bail.

After that his party workers were alleged for involvement in murder of Imran farooq. Imran farooq was a member of MQM and was planing too make a new political party.

After nine zero raid Altaf Hussain spoke against rangers and case was registered against him of threatening the rangers.

Some shameful things were said by him during a speech and some one should take notice of it how he can say it whenever he wants to say he must be stopped.

الطاف حسین کی دھمکیاں بہت مشہور ہیں۔ 
ایک نئی دھمکی آپ بھی دیکھ لیں 

Altaf Hussain nay kaha k main Nashay k bagair bi tum par Char sakta hun.

Modesty and shyness are the character which over shadow every thing in our culture. People are not very receptive to abusive and vulgar behavior not any thing that is low morally.

Especially with respect to the women the society as a whole do not want to see them exposed and involved in ethics set by the society.

But Pakistan’s media in copying the Indian channels have crossed all the limits and they do not have any care for what they are teaching and showing the people.

These kind of things when shown to the people cause sort of frustration in the minds of people specially young ones who are at the developing stages of their life.

But the glitters and glamours of the showbiz seem to take out all the ethics of the society out. our religion and culture are against these things.

Juggan kazim a well known TV actress and morning show hostess is known all over showbiz for her bold personality.

Her past is some what which most people like and want to see that. Her career in Canada as actress. She did some movies and TV dramas over there. These movies and dramas included some bold scenes and her involved in kissing.

She can not do such things in Pakistan openly but in a morning show she was talking about her those scenes. She was discussing them as if she had done something very good.

But whatever they want to show people generally here do not like it. They will oppose any thing like that.

Juggan Kazim talks about her scene

Syeda Mehr Bano Kazim, known by the stage name Juggun "Jay" Kazim, is a Pakistani-Canadian actress, model, and television host. She has worked in numerous Pakistani and Canadian films. She was nominated for MTV Model of the Year in 2008.

Juggan Kazim is a glorious Pakistani actress and morning show hostess. She is know all over Pakistan for her naughty and lively nature and is loved all across the country.

Juggan Kazim became famous in Pakistan for her dramas and later on she started hosting morning show and also did some ads.

But her previous career history is not known to many people in Pakistan. She was settled in Canada before she shifted to  her home land. In Canada she worked in couple of dramas and movies made for people of subcontinent.

Those movies and dramas were some what bold and many scene which included Juggan kissing many times in the movie.

These kind of things are not liked or certified in our country. The women are seen not as an object for lust but they are respected and gives a sacred status of Mother Daughter and Sister.

People are very violent about these things and they do not want their children and family to see this. With families watching these kind of things becomes very awkward.

She in the morning show of Nida Yasir appeared as a guest and she was talking about her kissing scene. This was very bold on her part and she should have not talked about it because people do not want to listen such things and specially if you have done some things wrong in your past you must try to forget them.

Juggan kazim did not seemed any ashamed of her act and she was discussing it very happily the others who were sitting besides her were also enjoying this.

سیدہ مہر بانو جو کہ جگن کاظم کے نام سے جانی جاتی ہیں۔
اپنے ہی ایک سین کے بارے میں بات کر رہی ہیں۔ 

MQM is facing the worst time of their lives as things are becoming very hot for them to get out of this. Karachi situation is very volatile and is in better condition after the operation started in Karachi and specially the raid of rangers MQM.

It seems that army have decided now to take all the criminals without any discrimination and favor to any one. Karachi is fed up of the orthodox power politics and division done ethnically by these political parties.

Soulat Mirza in the confession statement nominated very prominent leaders of MQM. MQM is at very dangerous situation of it,s existence and the evidence against them is substantial enough to uproot the terrorist network which MQM is harboring.

Government should take measured and careful steps to carry on this operation successfully and also taking necessary steps to avoid any kind of political turmoil.

Altaf Hussain from London is been accusing the rangers for plotting the weapons and criminals at nine zero. But the evidences show that he is merely making lame excuses.

The video evidence that was released by the Mubashir Luqman in his show where he showed the CCTV footage from the cameras installed inside the MQM.

Karachi has bled so much that it should come to rest now and have a peaceful life for the people. Once city of lights have seen many nights with blood and terror.

Javaid chohdry is giving his opinion of what can happen now in Karachi after all this. He sees that the MQM will tough time in future.

MQM leaders exposed

قدامت پسند اقتدار کی سیاست

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Leaked Video: Watch What Sharmila Farooqi Doing on Airport & People Trying to Control Her.

شرمیلہ فاروقی کی ایک اور وڈیو نے تہلکا مچا دیا۔ 

Pakistan Peoples Party,s Sindh spokes person Sharmila Farooqi has become a controversial character off late due to her certain acts. She is outspoken lady and very often she in the media talks shows loses her temper.

Sharmila Farooqi was recenlty in the news because of her marriage. Her marriage was so expensive and was kind of a mockery of the poopr people of Sindh and especially the people of ther desert.

Hundereds of children have lost their lives due to on going drought in the Ther desert and children have died of nutrition problems and non availability of food there.

The Pakistan People Parties government in Sindh and Chief Minister Syed Qayam Ali shah have done nothing in this regard to save the population.

Sharmila Farooqi is part of that elite who are ruling for generations over people of Pakistan. her father was involved in a scandal of Pakistan Steel Mills corruption case in which he took plea bargain with National Accountability Bureau.

Rehman Malik a senator was off boarded of a plane in a flight from Karachi to Islamabad which was delayed for him and the passengers on the plane protested against him and they did not let him  to get on board.

Shermela Farooqi was also caught on video when she was shouting and screaming over a gentleman for unknown reason. She was screaming in his face and he was not reacting to the situation.

It seems he might have understood Sharmila was not in her senses.



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