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The French scientists headed by renowned Prof. Maurice Bucaille unveiled hidden secrets of Pharaoh (commonly known as Firon is Muslim world), an ancient Egyptian ruler, who is believed to be one of the most notorious dictators of world’s history.

In 1898 the archaeology department of Egypt with the help of foreign archaeologist discovered the Kings Valley where mummies of ancient Egyptian rulers including Pharaoh were buried in big temples. All the dead bodies of ancient Egyptian rulers found to be embalming with different chemicals of that ancient time.

The Christians, Jews and few other religions believe that Pharaoh’s death was natural and he didn’t drown with his army in the ocean when he chased children of Israel and Moses (Hazrat Musa A.S). But in The Quran (The Holly Book of Muslims), the story of Pharaoh’s death is different as compare to Bible and Torah.

In 1981, when Francisco Mitra became the president of France, the government of France asked mummy of Pharaoh from Egyptian government for further examination in the laboratory. When the mummy arrived at French airport, the French President was there along with its ministers to give honor to mummy.

Soon the mummy of Pharaoh was taken to Archaeology Center of France for further examinations. The French archaeologists and anatomical scientists were trying to restore the mummy while Professor Maurice (Author of famous book The Bible, The Quran and Science) was trying to know how Pharaoh died.

Sooner he came to conclusion of Pharaoh’s death when the archaeologists and scientists discovered the remaining salt on mummy’s body. And that was overt evidence which proved that the Pharaoh drowned in the ocean along with army.

Prof. Maurice Bucaille was about to finalized his report on this new discover when someone told him that Muslims claim to know the reasons regarding drowning of mummy. At first he denied it but curiosity enforced him to know more about the Pharaoh’s mummy as Bible doesn’t tell the death reasons.

Professor Maurice Bucaille flew to Egypt to know more about Pharaoh and he met a Muslim scientist who immediately pointed the verses of The Holly Quran which tell the story of Pharaoh and the destiny of body. Professor was stunned to know all this and embraced Islam in front of crowd believing the truth of Quran.

Secrets of Pharaoh by Professor Maurice Bucaille Watch video  urdu documentary

London: A plane with interesting script written on it landed at London Heathrow Airport, the busiest British Airport, to show solidarity with former Pakistani legendary cricketer and PTI Chairman Imran Khan. The plane with interesting script is owned by a British Pakistani supporting the cause of Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is recognized worldwide not only for his cricket or Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital; he stands one of the popular leaders of today’s world. Pakistanis living abroad and in Pakistan are impressed from his charismatic personality along with leadership qualities.

Interesting Plane with Interesting Printing

Imran Khan is leading a movement against sitting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and PTI Chairman alleged him on stealing his mandate in general elections of 2013. PML N leader Nawaz Sharif has won majority seats of national assembly to form government at federation but PTI Chairman Imran Khan didn’t accept the results neither the public.

People asked inquiry of elections and started protest against Nawaz regime led by Imran Khan. He held public meetings in almost every city of Pakistan to prove this point and public supported him by participating in massive numbers in these processions. They chanted a new slogan Go Nawaz Go there which now has become a phenomenon in the country.

Since 11th May, 2014, these processions have been getting popularity countrywide and especially Pakistanis living outside country. They are introducing new but interesting ways to register the protest to get rid of fake mandate of Nawaz regime. Writing Go Nawaz Go slogans on cars, walls and planes at it was written on a plane which landed on London Heathrow Airport.

The continuation of the processions and sit-in in Islamabad weakened the government quite a lot whereas Imran Khan is getting immense popularity among public. The government is trembling as it wasn’t accepting such positive response from public against sitting government.

The immense support in favor of Imran Khan from people living in cities like New York, Berlin and London has created more problems. Formation of judicial commission to investigate the elections rigging seems the only way out of this teasing scenario.

Every day you watch news anchor reading a bulk of news on different channels. Breaking news, covering press conferences and news bulletins, all hectic works make him or her fatigue sometimes and does interesting or hilarious things behind camera.

It is important for a news anchor to keep the motivation level up to do the job in right manner and making fun of each other or doing funny things off air is the part of it. Being rude or misbehaving with co-workers isn’t appreciated at all in this field.

Interestingly a female news anchor didn’t know that she was live in front of camera and instead of reading news she started to sing a song. It was quite hilarious situation at office and then someone told her that the she was live. The news anchor felt embarrassment and started to read news written on paper.

Social media is full with such kinds of hilarious and interesting videos where you can see what news anchors do behind the camera and what kind of mistakes they do. Anchors making fun of co-anchors, females fighting with makeup artist and thinks like that are very common in news channels.

You will enjoy these hilarious videos but on the other hand it is a big concern for the media houses how to prevent the leakage of their employees. In past, few leaked videos did a major damage to the repute of different media houses which revealed the planted programs of the channels.

Therefore, the editorial department and news room should make sure to prevent such kinds of leakages. News anchors especially female anchors should also avoid doing childish acts behind camera. Being a news anchor, he or she should show maturity during working hours and behave well with subordinates.

Quarn is the most sacred and Holy book for all Musims and they recite it for getting guidance and peace. However, it becomes surprising when some non-Muslim recites it just like Amitabh Bachchan, who is a Hindu, recites it for getting inner peace. This news is quite astonishing as it is quite unusual for a Hindu to recite Quran.

Amitabh is one of the most famous and experienced celebrities in entire world because of his incredible performances for the last many decades. He is among the most respected people in showbiz industry around the world who has surprised everyone by saying that he felt peace after reading Quran.

Quran is the most read book throughout the world and the amazing fact about this Holy book is that there has been no change in it since its origin and completion around fourteen hundred years ago. It teaches humanity and shows people the right path to lead a good life.

Amitabh said that despite having everything in life including money, fame and respect he was lacking inner peace. Someone suggested him to read Quran and he starting reading this Holy book and got surprised with its impact. He started feeling inner peace.

Many people from around the world got surprised with this news that Amitabh recite Quran for getting peace because he is a Hindu and reciting Quran is quite unusual for a non-Muslim.

However, his reciting Quran for getting peace proves that this book shows the right path that leads people towards betterment and ultimate inner peace and satisfaction.

This news of Amitabh about reciting Quran got viral not only on TV channels but also on social media platforms. Muslims around the world are really happy after listening this news while many people from different religions got surprised with this act of Indian actor.

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