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MrBeast Subscriber Growth From Zero to 134 Million 2012 to 2023

 Over the past decade, MrBeast has become a household name in the world of YouTube. Starting from humble beginnings, the creator has amassed... thumbnail 1 summary

 Over the past decade, MrBeast has become a household name in the world of YouTube. Starting from humble beginnings, the creator has amassed an impressive 134 million subscribers as of 2023. MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has had a meteoric rise to fame and success on the video-sharing platform, and his journey to the top is nothing short of inspiring.


MrBeast's YouTube channel was created in February 2012, and it took him almost two years to reach his first milestone of 10,000 subscribers. By 2015, MrBeast's channel had grown to 30,000 subscribers, and he was already known for his unique content and creative challenges. However, it wasn't until 2016 that MrBeast's subscriber growth began to take off. In August of that year, he hit 100,000 subscribers, and by December, he had already tripled that number to 300,000 subscribers.


In 2017, MrBeast began to hit major milestones. He hit one million subscribers in May of that year, and by the end of the year, he had reached 5 million subscribers. This growth was fueled by his viral challenge videos, including "I Spent 24 Hours Straight In Insane Asylum" and "I Donated $50,000 To Ninja - Fortnite."


2018 was a landmark year for MrBeast, as he crossed the 10 million subscriber mark in January and 20 million subscribers in August. He also started to expand his content beyond challenge videos, creating series like "Last To Leave" and "Spend $1,000,000 In 24 Hours." These series allowed MrBeast to connect with his audience in a more personal way and helped to cement his place as one of YouTube's biggest creators.


MrBeast's growth has only continued to accelerate in recent years. In 2020, he hit 50 million subscribers, and just three years after hitting 20 million, he had already reached 100 million subscribers by 2021. In 2023, MrBeast has over 134 million subscribers, making him one of the most successful creators on the platform.


In conclusion, MrBeast's subscriber growth has been a remarkable journey to watch over the past decade. From his early days of creating videos with just a few thousand subscribers to now being one of the most successful creators on YouTube, MrBeast's journey is nothing short of inspiring. His unique content and ability to connect with his audience have been key to his success, and it will be exciting to see where his channel goes in the future.

Here is a complete Timeline of MrBeast Subscriber Growth From Zero to 134 Million 2012 to 2023.

January 2012

0 Subscriber

February 2012

8 Subscribers

March 2012

15 Subscribers

April 2012

20 Subscribers

May 2012

25 Subscribers

June 2012

27 Subscribers

July 2012

26 Subscribers

August 2012

23 Subscribers

September 2012

22 Subscribers

October 2012

23 Subscribers

November 2012

25 Subscribers

December 2012

30 Subscribers

January 2013

53 Subscribers

February 2013

96 Subscribers

March 2013

132 Subscribers

April 2013

155 Subscribers

May 2013

176 Subscribers

June 2013

203 Subscribers

July 2013

241 Subscribers

August 2013

291 Subscribers

September 2013

355 Subscribers

October 2013

461 Subscribers

November 2013

600 Subscribers

December 2013

729 Subscribers


January 2014

822 Subscribers

February 2014

912 Subscribers

March 2014

1.01K Subscribers

April 2014

1.14K Subscribers

May 2014

1.28K Subscribers

June 2014

1.41K Subscribers

July 2014

1.49K Subscribers

August 2014

1.57K Subscribers

September 2014

1.63K Subscribers

October 2014

1.68K Subscribers

November 2014

1.72K Subscribers

December 2014

1.77K Subscribers


January 2015

1.83K Subscribers

February 2015

1.91K Subscribers

March 2015

2.01K Subscribers

April 2015

2.19K Subscribers

May 2015

2.48K Subscribers

June 2015

2.97K Subscribers

July 2015

4.39K Subscribers

August 2015

6.81K Subscribers

September 2015

9.71K Subscribers

October 2015

11.66K Subscribers

November 2015

14.31K Subscribers

December 2015

16.5K Subscribers


January 2016

18.1K Subscribers

February 2016

19.5K Subscribers

March 2016

23.1K Subscribers

April 2016

42.6K Subscribers

May 2016

79.7K Subscribers

June 2016

115K Subscribers

July 2016

144K Subscribers

August 2016

175K Subscribers

September 2016

218K Subscribers

October 2016

308K Subscribers

November 2016

439K Subscribers

December 2016

568K Subscribers


January 2017

685K Subscribers

February 2017

804K Subscribers

March 2017

930K Subscribers

April 2017

1.07M Subscribers

May 2017

1.22M Subscribers

June 2017

1.37M Subscribers

July 2017

1.51M Subscribers

August 2017

1.64M Subscribers

September 2017

1.76M Subscribers

October 2017

1.84M Subscribers

November 2017

1.92M Subscribers

December 2017

2.08M Subscribers


January 2018

2.74M Subscribers

February 2018

3.75M Subscribers

March 2018

4.59M Subscribers

April 2018

5.03M Subscribers

May 2018

5.4M Subscribers

June 2018

5.9M Subscribers

July 2018

6.6M Subscribers

August 2018

7.7M Subscribers

September 2018

8.9M Subscribers

October 2018

10.4M Subscribers

November 2018

12.2M Subscribers

December 2018

13.7M Subscribers


January 2019

15.1M Subscribers

February 2019

16.4M Subscribers

March 2019

17.7M Subscribers

April 2019

19.1M Subscribers

May 2019

20.4M Subscribers

June 2019

21.7M Subscribers

July 2019

22.7M Subscribers

August 2019

23.8M Subscribers

September 2019

24.9M Subscribers

October 2019

26.1M Subscribers

November 2019

27.3M Subscribers

December 2019

28.8M Subscribers


January 2020

30.5M Subscribers

February 2020

32.4M Subscribers

March 2020

34.2M Subscribers

April 2020

35.6M Subscribers

May 2020

37.1M Subscribers

June 2020

38.6M Subscribers

July 2020

40.8M Subscribers

August 2020

43.1M Subscribers

September 2020

44.8M Subscribers

October 2020

46.4M Subscribers

November 2020

48.2M Subscribers

December 2020

50.2M Subscribers


January 2021

52.7M Subscribers

February 2021

55.6M Subscribers

March 2021

58.6M Subscribers

April 2021

61.6M Subscribers

May 2021

64.1M Subscribers

June 2021

65.8M Subscribers

July 2021

67.3M Subscribers

August 2021

69.1M Subscribers

September 2021

71.6M Subscribers

October 2021

76.6M Subscribers

November 2021

83.6M Subscribers

December 2021

88.4M Subscribers


January 2022

90.5M Subscribers

February 2022

92M Subscribers

March 2022

93M Subscribers

April 2022

96M Subscribers

May 2022

98M Subscribers

June 2022

101M Subscribers

July 2022

104M Subscribers

August 2022

107M Subscribers

September 2022

110M Subscribers

October 2022

114M Subscribers

November 2022

118M Subscribers

December 2022

121M Subscribers


January 2023

129M Subscribers

February 2023

134M Subscribers

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