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Death of Hajjaj Bin Yousaf

 Death of Hajjaj Bin Yousaf Hazrat Saeed bin Jubayr (R.A.) who was an elder of Tabi'i, one day while sitting on the member said these wo... thumbnail 1 summary

 Death of Hajjaj Bin Yousaf

Hazrat Saeed bin Jubayr (R.A.) who was an elder of Tabi'i, one day while sitting on the member said these words: "Hajjaj is a cruel person."

On the other hand, when Hajjaj found out that you think this about me, he called you in the court and asked.

Did you say such things about me??

So you said yes, of course he is a cruel person.

Hearing this, Hajjaj's color turned red with anger and issued orders to kill you. You smiled as you were led out of the court to be killed.

Hajjaj was disgusted and asked why you are smiling. He replied that you are smiling because of your stupidity and what Allah is giving you.

Hajjaj then ordered to sacrifice him in front of me. When the dagger was placed on his neck, he turned towards the Qiblah and said this sentence:

O Allah, my face is towards you, I am satisfied with your pleasure, this pilgrim is not the owner of death or life.

When Hajjaj heard this, he said, turn his face towards the Qiblah. When he turned his face away from the Qibla, he said: O Allah, even if the direction is opposite, He is present everywhere. Your rule is everywhere in the east and the west. My prayer is that killing me will be his last cruelty, he will not impose it on anyone after me.

When this sentence was uttered from your tongue, you were killed along with it and so much blood came out that the court was destroyed. A wise man said that so much blood comes out when someone smiles happily and is satisfied with the pleasure of Allah.

Everyone is familiar with the name of Hajjaj bin Yusuf, Hajjaj was appointed by Abd al-Malik as the viceroy of Makkah, Madinah, Taif and Yemen and after the death of his brother Bishr he was sent to Iraq from where he entered Kufa. For twenty years, the process of Hajj was interrupted, he sat in Kufa and won great victories.

During his period, the Muslim Mujahideen had reached China. Hajjaj bin Yusuf was the one who put Arabs on the Holy Quran. Allah blessed him with great eloquence and bravery. Hajjaj was the reciter of the Quran. He used to avoid drinking and debauchery. He was rich in Jihad and greedy for conquests. But all his good deeds were overshadowed by one of his vices, and what was that vice? "cruelty"

Hajjaj was very cruel, he took the form of a bloodthirsty beast in his life. was playing Holi. Hajjaj has killed 120,000 people, there were 88,000 prisoners in his prisons at one time, of which 30,000 were women. The last killing he did was the killing of Hazrat Saeed bin Jubeer, a great Tabi and ascetic and pious person.

After killing him, Hajjaj was terrified, he became a psychotic patient, whenever Hajjaj slept, Hazrat Saeed bin Jubeer would appear in his dream and hold his leg and say, "O enemy of God, why did you kill me?" What did I do to you? In response, Hajjaj would say, "What has happened to me and Saeed?"

Along with this, the Hajj contracted a disease called zamhriri, in which severe cold would rise from the kidneys and cover the whole body, he would tremble, rings filled with fire would be brought to him and kept so close to him. It was said that his skin was burning but he did not feel it. When he showed it to the sages, they told him that he had cancer in the stomach.

After a while, when the thread was pulled, the piece of meat was covered with insects of a very strange species and there was such a stench that it spread over a square mile. The courtier got up and ran away, Hakeem also started running away, Hajjaj said, "Where is he going, then treat him." Hakim said, Your illness is not earthly but heavenly. Seek refuge in Allah. Hajjaj, when he became frustrated with material arrangements, called Hazrat Hasan Basri (may God bless him and grant him peace) and requested him to pray.

They cried seeing the condition of the pilgrims and started saying, I had forbidden you not to molest the good servants, not to oppress them, but you did not stop... Today the pilgrims had become a cause of lesson. He was burning from the inside, from the outside, he was broken from the inside. Forty days after the death of Hazrat Saeed bin Jubayr, Hajjaj also died.

When he saw that there was no possibility of escape, he called his close relatives who came to the pilgrims with great anger. He said that if I die, the funeral should be held at night and if it comes in the morning, the mark of my grave should be erased because people will not leave me in the grave even after I die. The next day Hajj's stomach burst and he died.

Allah certainly stretches the rope of the oppressor, but when He takes account of the oppressor, even the angels tremble with fear of God, the throne shakes.

May Allah protect us all from the cruelty of the oppressors..!! Amen”;

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