Friday, February 19, 2016

An Admitted Fact

It is an admitted fact that the first revelation of Allah Almighty received in the cave of Hi... thumbnail 1 summary

It is an admitted fact that the first revelation of Allah Almighty received in the cave of Hira by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S A W) was
" Read in the name of the Lord, who created man from a clot of blood. Read! Thy Lord is most bounteous Who taught by pen." (96: 1-4)
This shows that Allah Almighty taught Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) the two steps for education. The first step is reading and the second is writing. But what to read is the question.
The Holy Prophet (SAW) said, "Learn the Holy Quran and teach it to the people." The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) Stressed upon the right kind of education.
He (S.A.W) made education a religious obligation. It was made compulsory for man and woman to learn from cradle to grave. He imposed a condition for the prisoners of the battle of Badr to teach the Muslims.
He (S.A.W) taught how to teach effectively. To attract the attention of the listeners, he (S.A.W) himself addressed the people at Mount Safa as, "O ye People" and asked a question which made the people attentive.

Similarly on another occasion he invited the followers and asked a question, "Oh Ansar, didn't I find you away from the right path and then Allah blessed you through me?" The replied, "Verily, the Prophet of Allah is the custodian of truth.
Then he (S.A.W) proceeded on and concluded with a question.
"Won't you prefer that while the others share should be camels and goats, yours should be the Prophet of Allah?" How beautifully he urged them to follow him.
Another technique that he (S.A.W) employed was the use of body language. Explaining how Allah held heaven and earth in His grip, the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) closed his fist and then opened it while his whole body swayed from one side to the other and the pulpit shook under him.
In his address of Hajja-tul-Wida the followers noticed how by degrees his speech gradually rose to climax. The pauses, rise and fall of his forceful voice, made his speech effective.
He demonstrated the concept of closeness by lifting his middle finger and showing its closeness to the index finger.
He (S.A.W) remained relevant and brief in his speech to save the listeners from any inconvenience. He (S.A.W) had literary taste and had perfect command on the language. His talk with people was persuasive. He was a great educationist and got the followers realized.
" That best among you is he whose attitude and behaviour are the best with the people."


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