Thursday, July 23, 2015

Humaima Malik Controversial Comments About Girls Dress

Humaima Malik Demanding Liberty for Girls Renowned film actress and model Humaima Malik has demanded liberty for Pakistani girls. Talking... thumbnail 1 summary
Humaima Malik Demanding Liberty for Girls

Renowned film actress and model Humaima Malik has demanded liberty for Pakistani girls. Talking in TV Show, showbiz celebrity asked government to allow the local girls of Pakistan to wear bad dress on public places like India. She praised Indian community of being bold on such issues unlike Pakistan and quoted several examples from their society regarding girls’ freedom.

Humaima Malik was exchanging her views in a private TV channel Show where large numbers of girls participated. The model tried to manipulate the girls in the name of so called gender freedom but she was unable to grab the sympathies. The model also told the audiences that has been living Mumbai for several months and saw a healthy society there.

The actress confessed that Indian girls have become unsecured due to their boldness and have been victimized by local boys on numerous times. It was quite ridiculous that at one side the model was praising Indian society for being bold and at the same time she exposed the double standards of their gender freedom.

It is quite unfortunate that people like her become fan of unnecessary things of foreign societies without knowing the demographic differences of Pakistani society. Pakistan is Muslim country with its own culture and heritage that differs it from India.

At the same time, Humaima Malik was unable to tell the audience about the benefits of shorts for girls on public places. She must have had described the outcomes of this extremely blessed act from which Pakistani society is deprived since last six decades.


Shameful Views of Humaima Malik about Girls Dress

The so-called enlightened and moderate class like Humaima Malik always finds something wrong with its own culture and preaches the local people to adopt foreign way of life. Same was the case with actress, a TV and Film actress who urged government to allow local girls to wear shorts on public places. She put forward the example of Indian society where young girls move around with shorts.

It was extremely exaggerated and misquoted fact from Humaima Malik as she tried to manipulate the local youth. She had mixed her views while telling the audience that Indian girls were victimized due to the same reason to a great extent but still she was favoring their acts.

The matter of the fact is that Humaima Malik like women has nothing to do with the culture of their own society and they only care about their glamour. Such women can do anything to justify their own black deeds and love to invite the others to join them.

The same film actress could find even a minor role in Indian Film Industry despite her desperate efforts. The Indian directors exploit such actresses to their best due the same flexibility. In recent past Veena Malik had also crossed all the limits of politeness and made Pakistan a laughing stock at the hands of rival country.

People like Humaima Malik should not be allowed to make irresponsible statements on such platforms. They must be given a shut up call to save the national pride and culture of Pakistan. Or they should go to India in order to wear shorts on public places.

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