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Vulgarity Kissing Hugging in Pakistani Dramas

It was a time when Pakistani TV Dramas ( ڈرامے ) were very famous in India and Pakistan. It was a time when directors and Show biz actors w... thumbnail 1 summary
It was a time when Pakistani TV Dramas ( ڈرامے ) were very famous in India and Pakistan. It was a time when directors and Show biz actors were keen only on Script. They were only focus on script, Not in Vulgarity.
Now Pakistani drama's Focusing on Dressing, Nude, Semi Nude, Kissing, Hugging, Hot and Vulgar scenes.
Pakistani Culture Cant afford this type of vulgarity.

When it comes to vulgarity in Pakistani dramas, it doesn’t necessarily mean to pose semi-nude. U.S, Turkish and UK dramas as well as Indian dramas can afford to pose nude or semi-nude in front of camera as their culture might allow them to this extent.

In Pakistani culture, a scene with kissing and hugging is quite unacceptable and sexy dialogues or European style dressing might as well be considered vulgar. It is not our tradition and culture.

Watch these videos which is come in Vulgarity in Pakistan.
These Mojo scenes not reflects the culture of Pakistan.

Immoral, Improper scene by Amna Haq

Drama by ARY in this Drama Actress looks like without Pent.

Watch Mehwish Hayat and Shamoon hugging scene.

Shamoon Kissing the neck of Javeria Abbasi. Romantic scene.

Even Saba Qamar Towel Scene is also come in Vulgarity in Pakistan.

Why Pakistani Dramas showing vulgarity? Simple answer is, Pakistani Dramas are now copy the style of Turkish television dramas (Turk Drama). Watch Video of dailymotion.

Another Bold and Vulgar Scene.

In this scene Humayun Saeed Kissing the hand of MAHNOOR BALOCH. Question raised that is Pakistani Culture allow to show this type of kissing on camera?

Pakistan ma abi sharma wa Haya ka culture abi kuch baki hay,
Lakin Darama banay waly chahty han k iss Sharam wa haya ko Kahtam kar dia jay.
 kiya iss tarhan k darmay Pakistani culture ki numaindagi karty han. In daramon ko dakh kar to asa lagta hay k yeh kisi ore mulak k daramy han. Hamari new generation inhi daramon ko dakh kar Islam say dor hoti ja rahi hay.
Pakistani daramon main ab Na-munasib libas, chomna, galy milna ak aam si bate hoti ja rahi hay.
kisi dor main Pakistani daramon main asa socha bi nahi ja sakta tha.

پاکستانی ڈراموں میں اب چومنا، گلے ملنا اور نامناسب لباس پہننا ایک عام سی بات ہوتی جا رہی ہے۔ 
اور یہ ہی عام سی بات پاکستانی کلچر کو تباہ کر رہی ہے۔ 
ان وڈیو کو دیکھ کر آپ خود ہی فیصلہ کر لیں کہ پاکستانی معاشرہ اس طرح کی جیزوں کو کیمرے پر دیکھانا مناسب ہے؟

That was the time when Pakistani dramas were known for their script , natural acting and many other positive things. That was the time when Pakistani dramas were on peak all over the world. Specially Pakistan dramas were watched in sub continent with a lot of interest. Pakistani dramas were the most favorite and popular entertainment specially when one is watching TV with their family

Culture, traditions and religion means a lot in any society. The people who care about their cultural values , traditions and religion they survive every where for long time

Pakistani dramas were also known for that , specially for their quality of script, for their natural acting, for its traditions values , for its religions limits also.
Unfortunately these days all the moral , traditional , religious, and cultural values are gone behind the scene. This place is taken by the vulgar , immoral , and hot scenes which is not liked by most of the society. All the people are saying a lot about these immoral activities in Pakistanis dramas

If one want to maintain the old tradition quality of the dramas which was liked by mos of the people , than they should be careful when they are writing about the dramas content. Otherwise these 
immoral activities will have a bad effect on up coming generation

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