Thursday, March 26, 2015

Threatening Of Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain adds something new to his trophies of good things which he has said during his speeches. Latest in that list is when he threa... thumbnail 1 summary
Altaf Hussain adds something new to his trophies of good things which he has said during his speeches. Latest in that list is when he threatened an anchor person of a TV show.

He said that that anchor person accused him of being drunk and what Altaf  Hussain talks does not makes sense. Altaf Hussain responded in a very vulgar way and he said things which are indescribably and can not be said.

Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority did not took any notice of it and they did not censored that part of the speech.

Altaf Hussain was so vulgar on this thing it seemed he was taking this thing personally and he was out of his senses.

He may not have been drunk before but during the speech where he made vulgar remarks he surely was. The shameful thing was the puppets who were made to sit and listen to the speech clapped on his words.

Altaf Hussain is a non sense person and he should be banned from speaking to public again. How he can make such disgusting remarks publicly.

It seems he has lost his mind after the things are getting very difficult for him and the rope around his neck is getting tighter day by day.

The decision to make Karachi a crime free city and operation should be implemented and rangers should be let to operate freely.

Nine zero raid has made life things difficult for the terrorists of MQM and they have no hideouts now in Pakistan. They will be chased and brought to justice sooner or later.


Mubashir Luqman Plays the Video of MQM's Target Killer Who Killed Geo Reporter Wali Khan Babar


Altaf Hussain is famous for his speeches via telephone from his residence at London where he has taken political asylum. The thing about his speech is that the coverage he gets from the media and number of people present to listen to him.

Literally what ever he speaks makes no sense and maximum words he utters are not understandable. Some time it seems he may be drunk or under influence of some drug.

And some times it seems that he has some mental disease and he is unable to speak properly. Altaf Hussain is famous for taking his words back and making excuses of his speeches next day.

Altaf Hussain has spoken many times against Pakistan Army and he has spoken against the democracy and invites the Army to take over.

Both statements are contradictory and are against the states institutes and constitutional bodies. But next day his excuse and taking back of statement is shown on the media.

Altaf Hussain was under lots of pressure since last year when he was arrested by the Scotland yard and his house was searched. Money laundering case was registered against him there and he was released later on bail.

After that his party workers were alleged for involvement in murder of Imran farooq. Imran farooq was a member of MQM and was planing too make a new political party.

After nine zero raid Altaf Hussain spoke against rangers and case was registered against him of threatening the rangers.

Some shameful things were said by him during a speech and some one should take notice of it how he can say it whenever he wants to say he must be stopped.

الطاف حسین کی دھمکیاں بہت مشہور ہیں۔ 
ایک نئی دھمکی آپ بھی دیکھ لیں 

Altaf Hussain nay kaha k main Nashay k bagair bi tum par Char sakta hun.

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