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Ayyan Ali Caught in Money Laundering Case

Super Model Pakistani Singer, actress, producer, model, and songwriter Caught in money laundering case. She started modeling in 2010 and... thumbnail 1 summary
Super Model Pakistani Singer, actress, producer, model, and songwriter Caught in money laundering case.
She started modeling in 2010 and also won the title of 'Best Female Emerging Model'. She is also been nominated four times for the Lux Style Awards.

Ayyan Ali was arrested by Airport Security Force (ASF) from the Benazir International Airport in Islamabad today (Saturday) on smuggling foreign currency worth millions of rupees overseas.
Supermodel Ayyan sent to Adiala jail for ‘smuggling’ $500,000.



Ayyan Ali is a Pakistani television actress and model. She started her career as a model and has won the title of 'Best Female Emerging Model' in 2010. She is also been nominated two times for the Lux Style Awards. In 2013, Ayyan got the Best Female Model award at Third Pakistan Media Awards.

Career of Ayyan Ali.

Ayyan, already making her mark and is seen as the next top model of Pakistan fashion industry started her career as a model at age of sixteen. She has worked with renowned fashion designers include Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Karma, Chinyere (Bareeze) and Gul Ahmed. She has also appeared in several television commercials.

Brands Ayyan has worked with are Karma, Sonia Batla, HSY, chinyere (Bareeze), Gul Ahmed Textile, Ittihad Textile. She has also appeared in commercial ads of Sunsilk, Ufone, Samsung, and McDonalds. The youngest fashion model has also done commercial and modeling for the girl’s best friends Diamonds under the brand name Sherezad Rahimtoola’s jewelry.

In 2012, Ayyan Ali was awarded the title of Calvin Klein ‘Beauty of the Year 2010’. Later she became the brand ambassador for the same brand. In the same year Ayyan Ali was nominated for best female emerging model in Lux Style Awards. In 2011, she was one of the nominations for Best Female Model in Lux Style Awards. Ayyan has also worked for international projects. This alluring and glamorous model defines herself as a freelancer models who is open to work with everyone.

Ayyan Ali is the model with whom everyone is impressed. Newsline’s Maheen Bashir Adamjee called Ayyan Pakistan’s newest supermodel.


Pakistan most famous and top model arrest at Islamabad Airport in the charge of money laundering news is the one of the most hot and famous new in Pakistan. But it is more shocking when it was revealed during the investigation that this money was not of her. This money honor is one of the former Pakistani parliamentarian. He actually hired her to take this money in her bag to Dubai. Many other Pakistani famous models and actresses are involved in this crime also. They are hired by many of the Pakistani top parliamentarian. But this is more shocking than that they are hired by the top Pakistani parliamentarians. Actually they were hired by the intelligence agencies to reveal that who is involved in money laundering actually. These models are working for the intelligence agencies as well as the rulers and and parliamentarians and federal ministers.
Dr. Shahid Masood talk about 28 women who involved in Money Laundering.
watch dailymotion video.

پاکستانی ماڈل گرل  ایان علی منی لانڈرنگ کیس میں پکڑی گئی۔

Ayan Ali, the top model from Pakistan, has been caught red handed while she was taking five lac dollars from Pakistan and was taken into custody by Airport police before she was about to take her flight.

Pakistan’s top super model Ayyan Ali has been arrested today from the Benazir International Airport. She was involved in money laundering and hence was arrested immediately and the Custom officials presented her to the magistrate.

The details are as Ayyan was flying to Dubai from a private airline and when her hand bag was checked the officials suspected of something doubtful element present inside the bag. The scanners showed yellow patched inside her bag which indicates that some illegal material is present.

Her bag was thoroughly checked and inside it in the secret pockets the custom officials recovered US dollars worth half a million. When Ayyan was asked about this much money she had no answer to satisfy the officials.

Ayyan initially tried to make fool out of the officials first as she went towards the VIP lounge instead of the private one. We all know the security checking in VIP lounge is not that strict as famous people travel by going there so she thought she will get away with it.

But it was not her day she was not only thoroughly checked but was caught red handed smuggling money. Ayyan was immediately arrested and was taken to the court where the Judge gave her to the local police on a 14 day remand.

Ayyan is in some deep trouble now as she can face tenure of 7 to 10 years in jail which is the punishment for such cases.

The media tried to spoke to her but she was just covering her face all the time and didnt speak a word to the media.

It appears that she was working for someone and did this cheap action just for the sake of money. Before she could have boarded the flight, money was found from a hidden pocket in her purse.

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