Friday, February 20, 2015

Strange Creature Stuns the World

Doctor Discovers Weird Creature In Hollywood movies you see weird creature threatening humans and causing damages to them but most of peo... thumbnail 1 summary
Doctor Discovers Weird Creature

In Hollywood movies you see weird creature threatening humans and causing damages to them but most of people do not believe on the existence of such creatures in reality. It is vital and successful feature of movies showing weird creatures and making people believe on it. People relate it with fantasy world.

Although it would be very difficult for you to believe on the existence of weird creature in the world but you must be surprised to see it. A doctor discovered it few days ago and shown it to the public. It was very small in size and the doctor took it in his hand very easily. The world stunned to see when it appeared on camera.

The creature was moving like new born child but couldn’t utter any voice when doctor touched its body. The arms, legs, eyes, mouth and face all looked weird and the doctor declared it new discovery of present era. Still it requires authentic proofs of weird creatures living in this world away from people’s eyes.

Many fake news on different creatures have been circulated through social media, newspapers and broadcasting media in past. That’s why it would be very hard to believe on doctor whether it is true or fake discovery. It is another cheap way of getting popularity among public which so many people have tried earlier.

Almighty God has created so many creatures in this world and many have been discovered with the passage of time but none of these creatures are weird in universal system. Whoever tried to get attention through fake news couldn’t get success.

Keeping the past and fake news in mind, it is very important for public to verify the truthiness of existence of weird creature and the repute of the doctor, who claimed to discover it, must be checked as well.

Discovery of Weird Creature Stuns the World

Discovery of weird creature stunned the world because they have watched such kinds of creatures only in Hollywood movies. Most of the people like the idea of showing weird creatures in movies and appreciate the unique idea of writers but none of them believe on the existence. Lots of movies have been made on this topic and got success.

A doctor stunned the world when he showed weird creature holding it in his hand and touching it with other hand. The creature was alive and moving in doctor’s hand. Two arm, two legs, two eyes, two ears, one head and other body parts were same like human beings but it wasn’t human being.

The doctor came on media and claimed that he discovered the weird creature forcing people to believe that such kinds of creatures exist in world. Apart from the claim of doctor, it looked very weird apparently and it wasn’t the clever work of camera man either.

However, it must be verified whether he is spreading rumors about the existence of weird creatures for cheap popularity or he is right in his claim. In past many individuals, organizations even newspapers published such fake news for financial benefits or cheap popularity among public.

In recent past scientists had claimed finding humans like creatures living underground but later it was proved as fake news. Now this time doctor has appeared claiming to discover creature living away from people’s eyes and has the world like human beings. This must be interesting if the doctor is right in his claim.

The writers in Hollywood have written many scripts on the base of these claims and tried to prove existence of weird creature in the world living underground. However, none of the claims have proven right so far and it seems the doctor’s claim is another fake discovery for cheap popularity.

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