Saturday, February 14, 2015

Indian Vs Pakistan Historical Moment

India VS Pakistan: Imran Khan called back crying Indian batsman The fun of up and down, an unpredictable nature of cricket match. The joy... thumbnail 1 summary
India VS Pakistan: Imran Khan called back crying Indian batsman

The fun of up and down, an unpredictable nature of cricket match. The joy and sorrow attached with it. The emotional involvement and attachment of people with it has made it a highly paid professional game. Especially the rivalry moments associated with it are the most exciting and viewed by the viewers.

The video being shared contains also such an ecstasy moment for fun lovers. The more they are emotionally attached with their favorite batsman and bowler. The more they enjoy such videos associated with their favorite batsman and bowler. Waqar younis here is showing his talent against Srikanth twice one after the other.

Imran Khan showing sportsman spirit and calling Srikanth back. Srikanth on the other hand losing his focus. Opportunity knocked twice at his doorstep. He took it for granted and gave a response in form of a poor shot. Resultantly what happened is evident in the video. All fun all entertainment for entertainment lovers.

How you find this fun? Are we fulfilling our duty as entertainer towards our viewers and clients? We keep our level best from our end to satisfy, delight and polish our entertainment factor for you. The focus is not to increase our websites visits but to produce quality fun for you.

انڈین بلے باز سری ناتھ کو وقار یونس نے LBW کیا۔ عمران خان نے واپس بلا لیا۔ وقار یونس نے اگلی گیند پر پھر آوٹ کر دیا۔ تاریخی وڈیو دیکھیں۔ 

Pakistan VS India: Rare cricket moments

The one who is fond of watching cricket matches has come at right place. This video contains a moment of ecstasy for all the cricket fun lovers. Srikkanth gets a chance after lbw by  Waqar Younis. What happens next is what makes this video more interesting Srikanth Called Back By Imran Khan.

Soon after his second chance he is caught behind the wickets. What will you call it truth standing clear again or just a bad luck for Srikkanth. Anyways fun is guaranteed in this video.  For the cricket lover it  is pure entertainment. A one click fun and delight in timeline.

Cricket is happened to be the most unpredictable game. The more you strive the more you succeed formula seems not valid here. Srikkanth is showing careless attitude or Waqar Younis has performed so well? The amazement of crowd is worth watching in the shared video both at first and second wicket.

There is nothing most missing in this day to day individualistic era than the entertainment factor. We are focusing on finding what you are missing. A smile, a laugh, a moment of delight through anything which is of your taste. After a research is made we put the best for your smile.

Gone are the days when you had to sit in front of the television. Just had to watch a live telecast match. Depending upon few tv channels with large advertisements gap. Here is a simple solution at just one click distance from you. watch cricket fun from anywhere across internet.

Usually a cricket lover is fond of watching complete match, but unique are those who only look for the funny and entertaining moments in the cricket rivalry. Their enjoyment depends upon the ecstasy moments in any cricket match only. These are the one who are guaranteed to be entertained in shared video.

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