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Amazing Prayer Mat Show You Direction of Kaaba.

Prayer mat that will show you direction of Kaaba Five times a day, prayer is obligatory to every Muslim. No matter how busy, ill or stuck ... thumbnail 1 summary
Prayer mat that will show you direction of Kaaba
Five times a day, prayer is obligatory to every Muslim. No matter how busy, ill or stuck you are, you have to bow down to your lord five times a day. Though, their are exceptions and relaxations in the method of saying prayer as one can offer by sitting or laying down if he or she cannot stand because of some illness.

While travelling, the most common question a good Muslim asks is the direction of Kaaba as prayer cannot be offered without bowing down to the right direction. However, a Turkish engineer has come up with a unique solution of this problem. He has made a prayer mat that will tell the exact direction of Kaaba. Check out how it works.

People used to take help from stars or compass to find out where Mecca is. However, this prayer mat has solved the problem of millions as you just need to spread it and it will light up while facing Kaaba. This prayer mat has been given name of “Al-Sajjady” and its maker is a Turkish designer.

While talking to BBC, he said that he was actually thinking to make flying carpet but then something clicked his mind and he decided to invent this amazing prayer mat. Well, this young man must be appreciated by all the Muslims. Hope you will like the video. Do share it with others as it may help someone to pray.

Watch an amazing prayer mat.

There is no limit to imagination and creative people always create new world out of nothing. It is their never ending curiosity that drives them to see things from an unusual angle. The news story that has been shared on this portal is about a person who belongs to a group of people who always think of humanity.

This Muslim brother had a unique idea that solved problem of millions of his fellow Muslims. He made a prayer mat that will blink only when the direction of Kaaba is accurate. It means one does not need to worry for exact direction of Kaaba at new places. All you need to do is to spread this prayer mat and get the directions.

It is obligatory for every Muslim to say prayer five times a day. Furthermore, prayer cannot be offered if one is not facing Kaaba in Mecca. While travelling and visiting new places, it is always difficult to guess the right direction. This amazing prayer mat is not less than a blessing for those who do not want to miss their prayer at any cost.

Initially, this prayer mat has been designed by using compass technology. The best thing about this invention is that you can simply fold it and carry anywhere. Though, it has not been presented for public yet but the makers of this prayer mat are expecting to market it as early as possible. Hope you like this news post. Keep sharing the light to other as well.

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