Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tears of Gaza

Gaza is begging for mercy from his Lord “My people are facing unbearable pains with miseries and bloodshed of innocent children. I have no ... thumbnail 1 summary
Gaza is begging for mercy from his Lord “My people are facing unbearable pains with miseries and bloodshed of innocent children. I have no dare to see the feeble parents to have dead bodies of their beloved children in their hands.”

Gaza is further explained about its condition stating that it is being torn and raped, beaten and crushed, executed and slaughtered by Jews’ hands. Its people are bearing hardships and struggling against barbarism.

I have also children in my community and their time is to play around their houses with playing goods in their hands. They need to enjoy their grandmothers’ stories with chocolates in their hands and have fun with their age fellows in tension free era.

But I think these things are not for Gaza’s people to live like that way as yours living. These children have no right to see soft dreams as yours. They do not sensitive to fire and have not fear of war as your little ones. Are they not part of this world that is why being ignored like a scapegoat?

My children cannot claim to play outside their houses while their houses are getting fired in front of their eyes. They also could not listen their grandmother’s stories because they are shot dead. They also have not even a sip of water to finish their thrust. They cannot enjoy their mothers’ pamper because they are watching them being victimized by Israeli barbarism.  So it is Gaza’s land with full of sorrows now a days.

I am also getting disowned by my religious fellows and left me alone to face horrible faces of my enemies. I often used to feel proud over Muslim Ummah and have vanity upon their strength. I used to feel lucky as a part of Muslim Ummah because of our religious values but ….alas I have been alone and my vanity has been shattered into pieces. I think Muslim Ummah’s values are no more but in the books of histories and in the verses of great book Quran. This Ummah has been shattered into sects and statuses on the behalf of bank balances.  They have been further divided by fighting among each other and calling it as Jihad.  Muslims are not allowed to backbite of others but we do. We are forbidden to possess the property of orphans but we enjoy this practice. We also enjoy to practice Haram relations and Haram deeds. We also spend most of our time doing nothing but named it pleasing their Lords. Gaza is weeping saying this that Lord will not please with these practices. Lord does not like the ways as you are trying to please Him. He has told us the right ways by sending His prophet in this world and need to follow him.

غزہ کے آنسو۔ 

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