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Hidden Secrets of Pharaoh Revealed

The French scientists headed by renowned Prof. Maurice Bucaille unveiled hidden secrets of Pharaoh (commonly known as Firon is Muslim world... thumbnail 1 summary
The French scientists headed by renowned Prof. Maurice Bucaille unveiled hidden secrets of Pharaoh (commonly known as Firon is Muslim world), an ancient Egyptian ruler, who is believed to be one of the most notorious dictators of world’s history.

In 1898 the archaeology department of Egypt with the help of foreign archaeologist discovered the Kings Valley where mummies of ancient Egyptian rulers including Pharaoh were buried in big temples. All the dead bodies of ancient Egyptian rulers found to be embalming with different chemicals of that ancient time.

The Christians, Jews and few other religions believe that Pharaoh’s death was natural and he didn’t drown with his army in the ocean when he chased children of Israel and Moses (Hazrat Musa A.S). But in The Quran (The Holly Book of Muslims), the story of Pharaoh’s death is different as compare to Bible and Torah.

In 1981, when Francisco Mitra became the president of France, the government of France asked mummy of Pharaoh from Egyptian government for further examination in the laboratory. When the mummy arrived at French airport, the French President was there along with its ministers to give honor to mummy.

Soon the mummy of Pharaoh was taken to Archaeology Center of France for further examinations. The French archaeologists and anatomical scientists were trying to restore the mummy while Professor Maurice (Author of famous book The Bible, The Quran and Science) was trying to know how Pharaoh died.

Sooner he came to conclusion of Pharaoh’s death when the archaeologists and scientists discovered the remaining salt on mummy’s body. And that was overt evidence which proved that the Pharaoh drowned in the ocean along with army.

Prof. Maurice Bucaille was about to finalized his report on this new discover when someone told him that Muslims claim to know the reasons regarding drowning of mummy. At first he denied it but curiosity enforced him to know more about the Pharaoh’s mummy as Bible doesn’t tell the death reasons.

Professor Maurice Bucaille flew to Egypt to know more about Pharaoh and he met a Muslim scientist who immediately pointed the verses of The Holly Quran which tell the story of Pharaoh and the destiny of body. Professor was stunned to know all this and embraced Islam in front of crowd believing the truth of Quran.

Secrets of Pharaoh by Professor Maurice Bucaille Watch video  urdu documentary

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