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Pay Scale 2012-13 (Full Chart) & Unified Pay Scales 2012-13

These Charts made Under the Suggestions and Proposals given by the Government but Our all efforts gone wrong Because Government take a U t... thumbnail 1 summary

These Charts made Under the Suggestions and Proposals given by the Government but Our all efforts gone wrong Because Government take a U turn on all the Suggestions and proposals,

Revised pay scale 2012
Pay scale of Pakistan 2012-13 full chart.
Revised Pay scale of 2012 - 13.
Basic Pay Increase 100 %
House rent Increase = 50 % of Basic Pay.
Increase in conveyance allowance,
Grade 1-5 = Rs. 1440 per month
Grade 6-10 = Rs. 2440 per month.
Grade 11 to 16 = Rs. 3640 per month.
Grade 17 to 22 = Rs. 4640 per month.
Government employees pay scale 2012-13 of Pakistan.
Unified Pay Scale (UPS) Full Chart 2012-13.
Pakistan's Government Employees Pay.
Pay Scale from BPS 1 to 22, in 2012-13.
Pay scale Chart with Stages, House Rent and Conveyance Allowance of 2012-13.
Up coming Chart of Pay Scale 2012 and 13.
Pay will Increase (InshAllah) in Budget 2012-13.
Pay Scales 2012.
Salaries in Pakistan.
Difference between Pay scales 2011 and 2012.
Pay Scale Full chart.
Special Thanks to My Brother Muhammad Saeed Zafar, who work really hard to set up this Chart.

Updated on 4th June 2012:  These Charts made Under the Suggestions and Proposals given by the Government but Our all efforts going wrong Because Government take a U turn on all the Suggestions and proposals, First of All Government gave Unified Pay Scales and proposals but government not fulfill their promise and only gave 20%. 
We must say This Budget 2012 is not good for Government employees. But umeed pe duniya kayam hay, Never lose your Hope.
We will update you when new development occurs.

Updated on 2nd October 2012 : Government is now thinking for implementation of these Pay Scales, with in one or two weeks this will be conform that what will be happened. Lets hope wait and see.
These Pay Scales not confirm yet.
Update on 23 Nov 2012.
According the Newspapers Express, Nawa-e-Waqt Pay and Pension committee has finalized the summary of Revised Pay Scales 2013. They said there will be not much burden on the Budget. The News is Published in Daily Express on 21-11-2012. According to Newspapers the Chart of Revised Pay Scales of 2012-13 will be as Under
Daily Express 21-11-2012 Chart of Revised Pay Scale 2012-13

BPS            Initial Pay       Incriment     Initial Pay           Incriment
                   Now               Now             Revised               Revised
BPS-01           4,800            150              7,800                      250

BPS-02           4,900            170              7,900                      300

BPS-03           5,050            200              8,200                      320

BPS-04           5,200            230              8,400                      370

BPS-05           5,400            260              8,700                      420

BPS-06           5,600            290              9,000                      470

BPS-07           5,800            320              9,400                      520

BPS-08           6,000            350              9,700                      570

BPS-09           6,200            380              10,000                    620

BPS-10           6,600            420              10,300                    680

BPS-11           7,000            460              10,700                    750

BPS-12           7,000            500              11,300                    810

BPS-13           7,500            550              11,800                    890

BPS-14           8,000            610              12,900                    990

BPS-15           8,500            700              13,700                    1,130

BPS-16           10,000          800              16,100                    1,290

BPS-17           16,000          1,200           25,800                    1,940

BPS-18           20,000          1,500           32,200                    2,420

BPS-19           31,000          1,600           50,000                    2,580

BPS-20           36,000          2,350           58,000                    3,790

BPS-21           40,000          2,600           64,000                    4,190

BPS-22           43,000          3,050           69,300                    4,900

Unified Pay Scales 2012-13 full Chart


New Pay Scales 2012 - 13.
Its is a updated chart. This is a new developmental came.
watch this New Chart.

Pay Scale 2012-13 (BPS 1 to 15)
Main points pay raise formula:
1. Basic pay Increase = 35%
(Merger of Adhoc relief allowances of budget 2010-11 (50%) and budget 2011-12 (15%) in Basic pay)
2. Medical Allowance increase = 100%
3. Conveyance Allowance increase = 100%
4. House rent Allowance = 45% or revised Basic pay
Expected net increase in salaries of government employees = 40% to 50%
This Chart is updated on 29th May 2012.


  1. Jay President Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Galani Saib Thanks a lot Ham tumaray sath hain. It's a very good relief of Govt. Employees

    1. hahaha aur ab kaho dear,,, kia ab b aap zardari and gelani k sath hain???

  2. Special Thank You to Muhammad Saeed Zafar. Sir, You work very hard for Govt. Employees thank you very much.

  3. i , My family & my relatives will vote to Asif Ali Zardari

  4. These scales are not final and only based on hypothatical calculations. Today finance minister said that pays will be increased but method of increase is still not finalized. In these scales there is a big flaw, all scales except BPS 16 were doubled but BPS 16 were near adout triple which is not possible because employee of BPS 16 drawing pay less in 2011 scales will be fixed much higher of employee of BPS 17 & 18 in new scales ( which are drawing higher pay now in 2011 scales). How it will be possible, please wait till budget for exact increase in pay. Rizwan Munawar Gujranwala

  5. According to Proposed Pay Scales this chart is still under observation.
    You cant deny this chart.

  6. i do't understand these sweet dreams but i love to live what ever i have.

  7. I they did like this so it will be the great six of Government employees. I am not sure that they will do like this or they will follow this chart in favor of GEs.

  8. Dear Sadiq agha!!! when i published pay Scales 2011 one year back.. i received lot of comments like you. But at the End same Pay Scales came from government as i Published last year. I hope InshaAllah same story will come back.

    1. sir military pay scale ka chart bhi send kar dain

  9. Thanks a lot to Mr.Asif Ali Zardari presedent of Pakistan and Yousuf Raza Gillani PM to increase sallary of Govt Employees.

  10. Government mulls hefty increase in salaries
    * Revision of pay scales, merger of two ad hoc relief allowances in pay scales and 35pc increase in salaries under consideration
    ISLAMABAD: The government is mulling a hefty increase of up to 35 percent in salaries in the federal budget 2012-13, sources told Daily Times.
    Pay scales revision, merging of two remaining ad hoc relief allowances in pay scales and up to 35 percent increase in salaries are three options being considered for the next budget, the sources said on Wednesday.

    Economic managers of the country along with a pay committee have developed three formulas for salary increase package. According to the sources, a 50 percent ad hoc relief allowance announced in 2010 and 15 percent announced in 2011 have been proposed for merger in pay scales, the new pay scales to be applicable from July 1.
    “Merging of two remaining ad hoc relief allowances in pay scales will collectively jack up pay scales by 65 percent… the merger will result in an automatic increase in salaries by seven percent,” the sources added.
    The three ratios, which have been prepared for submission before the federal cabinet for approval, seek to allow increase in salaries by 25 percent, 30 percent and 35 percent. The cabinet will be requested to select any one of these ratios keeping in view the fiscal space availability with the government.

    The proposed salary increase will automatically increase the three ratios – 25 percent to 32 percent, 30 percent to 32 percent and 37 percent to 42 percent – when the seven percent increase impact by merging of two ad hoc relief allowances is included in new pay scales.

    Other proposals under consideration are 45 to 50 percent increase in house rent and a 100 percent rise in conveyance and medical allowances.

    Monetization of housing facility is also under consideration. The sources said that a meeting of the National Finance Commission (NFC) was scheduled for May 14. It would hold technical consultation on provincial shares in federal revenues in 2012-13, and key issues such as revamping of agriculture income tax regime on a similar pattern in all the four provinces.
    Rizwan Munawar Gujranwala.

  11. This Chart will be Updated. If When new authentic News will come.

  12. rizwan munawar has discussed in detail about the whole activity of govt for increasing salary of govt is clear by above mentioned discussion that at least 32 percent salaries will be increased

  13. What,s the outcome of todays meeting?

  14. NFC meeting in Islamabad - Provinces insist on 15 percent pay raise in budget

    They shared their thoughts after reports suggested that the federal government was looking to announce a significant raise in salaries in its fifth and last budget.
    The concern was raised in a meeting of the federal government and provincial finance secretaries held to review budgetary positions, a provincial finance secretary said on the condition of anonymity. Punjab in particular thinks that any such decision would put the provinces in an awkward position, he added.
    Punjab’s finance secretary Tarik Bajwa told i that the federal administration did not share any formal proposal on the increase in salaries. He said last year’s revision of basic pay scales and increase in salaries cost Punjab an additional Rs45 billion.
    Bajwa added that there are roughly one million regular and contractual provincial employees.
    The finance ministry, however, shied away from deliberating on the subject.
    According to initial calculations, a 5% increase in salaries will cost an additional Rs11.5 billion to the national exchequer as there are 625,000 federal government employees. The projected expenses for running the government for the next fiscal year have been estimated at Rs240 billion, of which 40 to 45% will be on account of salaries.

    Proposals under consideration
    Sources said the finance ministry is under pressure from the top leadership to provide maximum relief to employees in light of the upcoming general elections.
    The presidency wants a minimum increase of 35% in salaries. This will cost an additional Rs80.5 billion to the federal government alone. The provinces must be taken into confidence as any such increase will affect their fiscal position greatly,” said a source.
    He added the finance ministry has briefed top executives that a maximum increase of 15%, which will cost the exchequer Rs34.5 billion, can be borne.

    Deterioration in fiscal framework
    The provinces on Monday refused to help the federal government to avoid the embarrassment of having the highest ever budget deficit in the country’s history.
    The provincial governments were asked to save Rs154 from their respective budgets to keep overall deficit in check, but have told the federal administration that, at best, they could save only Rs90 billion – and that too if the FBR manages to collect Rs1.952 trillion in taxes.
    The federal budget deficit has soared to 6.6 per cent in nine months.

    rizwan munawar gujranwala

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  15. Cabinet to decide pay, perks of federal govt employees
    ISLAMABAD: Salary, pension and allowance package for the federal government employees will only be decided by the federal cabinet, a senior official at the Finance Ministry said on Monday. Size of the pay and pension package might not go beyond Rs 30 billion due to limited fiscal space available with the federal government, he said, adding that the charter of demands placed by the All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA) to the Finance Ministry required availability of Rs 350 billion. The official explained that any five percent increase in salary and pension would require the ministry to ensure availability of Rs 11.5 billion and revision of pay scales by merger of two ad hoc relief allowances would have huge implications. In case the government decides to merge two ad hoc relief allowances of 15 percent and 50 percent in pay scales, its implications would be Rs 8 billion. Rs 1.5 billion would further be required to adjust medical allowance as per revised pay scales. At present, allowances are freezed at 2008 pay scales despite the fact that salaries are being given in accordance with pay scales of 2011. As per Pay and Pension Commission recommendations, the house rent could be increased from 45 percent to 60 percent. In case the government considers merger of two ad hoc relief allowances it would be required to bear the burden on increased house rent, medical and conveyance allowances. At present, 2.6 million government employees work across the country, that included 0.625 million federal employees, 1.1 million in Punjab and remaining three provinces Sindh, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and Balochistan are collectively employing 0.9 million employees. At present, total salary budget is Rs 218 billion and pension at Rs 120 billion. staff report
    rizwan munawar gujranwala

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    congradulations to all govt employers..... bari gal aay

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  21. Thx but upload the pay scale chart of BPS 16-22.thx

  22. Dear Zee its not Fake.. if you calculate (Merger of Adhoc relief allowances of budget 2010-11 (50%) and budget 2011-12 (15%) in Basic pay) from this calculation its not fake.. Calculate your pay one's more time to correct yourself.

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    what is difference in second and third chart.mopreover you have not up loaded complete chart .plz include bps 17-22

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  25. Assalam o Alaikum
    please upload new chart must include BPS-17-22.
    i m waiting your positive response.

  26. there is no difference in second and third chart.... please read carefully

  27. now clearfy the situation

  28. yea govt servent kay sath mazaaq kia gya hia kay 120% mehngai kay tanasab say just 20% ka looly pop dia hia ... tamam govt servents ki umeedon par pani phair dia hia..

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  31. These Charts made Under the Suggestions and Proposals given by the Government but Our all efforts going wrong Because Government take a U turn on all the Suggestions and proposals, First of All Government gave Unified Pay Scales and proposals but government not fulfill their promise and only gave 20%.
    We must say This Budget 2012 is not good for Government employees. But umeed pe duniya kayam hay, Never lose your Hope.
    We will update you when new development occurs.

  32. Assalam o Alekum All of U, Kisi ke pas govt employees2012-13 ki koi detail aye to please mery email address pr send karen.

  33. Kia hoga unhi dunia chalti rahegi. aur hum apni needs ke mutabiq survive karte rahengay. hum sab malazameen tu salary lekar mahana khush khush guzartey hain magar kabhi socha jo rozana mazdori kartey hain. aur mazdori bhi 250 ya 300 only how can meet the needs of this inflation's age. think about them. If they can survive we can also survive.

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  36. All the appointments in Government sector till 2007, should be immediately de-notified. Or the there should be an apptitute effecieincy test for all the government employees who are appointed under this PPP Government.. This government has filled up the government sector with all of its own party workers and allotted seats by taking some money or bribe.... The jobs are being gifted according to Quota System .... Its the last nail in the coffin of the state of pakistan .. .!! The illiterates and jahils are being awarded jobs, only by paying some money.... I HATE PPP AND HATE THESE JAHIL PPP WORKERS

  37. zindabad zardari aaj mere bhai ko job mili hay i will vote asif zardari

  38. AS there is not yet held the meeting of Pay and Pension committee. So it is false.

  39. There is going to be done great in connection with the Employees of Pakistan. Soon the provinces will send report to Pay & Pension Committee. May be within this month all will be finalized.

  40. Management Position pay scale issued. Now hope for others from 01-01-2013.

  41. کیا کسی کے پاس ایسا چارٹ ہے ،جس سے یہ پتہ چل سکے کہ پچھلے 20 سالوں میں ہر سال کتنی تنخواہ بڑھی ہے؟؟؟؟
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  43. What is TPS scale in Pakistan? It is used in some areas of Balochistan. Thanks