Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Islamic Question and Answer session in Urdu.

Islam has solution of every thing.
Meraj Rabbani and and Tauseef ur rehman rashdi. Question answer session in urdu. They gave answers in according to Quran and Hadith.
some of main questions are,
how muslim can live in hindustan?
Theft (choori ki ab kia karon) ?
qibla ki samt maloom na ho to kya karan ?
Can i called salafi ahle hadith (apnay app ko ahl e hadith kahalwaya ja sakta ha) ?
black magic (jadoo) ? tablighi Jamaat ? hajj and qurbani ? wazoo ka tariqa ? realty about 786 ?
Fatiha, Question about Beard (darhi) ? bay namazi wali Allah ho sakta ha ? kia oret ore mard ki namaz ma fark ha ? aalemol gabe kon ?
Get answers of these Questions. watch this video

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