Friday, April 16, 2010

Azab-e-Qabar is True

Muhammad (PBUH) said Azab-e-Qabar is true. There are three concepts about Azab-e-Qabar.

1. The peoples who deny the Azab-e-Qabar by any means.

2. The peoples who knows and believe on Azab-e-Qabar but they think that they will being prevent to Azab-e-Qaber by their Hierarchically ( Peer, Wali, pashwa ).

3. The peoples does say that Azab-e-Qabar is True, they have also fear about too, But they have not prepare themselves form Azab-e-Qabar.

All these three groups are on the wrong way.

Only peoples can be saved who believe on Azab-e-Qabar and always does good acts. Allah will save them from Azab-e-Qabar (inshah Allah).

Atteq ur rahman shah describes the Azab-e-Qabar.

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  1. No doubt its true.

  2. According to the Quran, there is no such concept as a ‘punishment in the grave’.
    This is a concept completely alien and unsupported by the Quran. This concept is found
    primarily (with all its details) in Hadith.

    From a Quran’s perspective, the evidence seems overwhelming that at the point of death,
    one will become aware of the ‘truth’. Then one will enter ‘Barzakh’, a quintessential state of
    ‘sleep’ where all concept of time will be lost. When one finally awakes, they will
    be confronting the Day of Judgment. The time lapse will feel as if one had only
    slept for a small part of the day when in truth, they would have tarried all the way
    to the Day of Judgment.

    Before we take a look at the verses, an immediate question should arise:

    What would be the purpose of an appointed Day of Judgment if after death,
    one were to receive their punishment in their graves before the trial had even
    taken place?


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